Page content extracted in realtime from the Waves blockchain, starting at transaction index 6VQfCFmQfvQhXLh4YGz49L1P3EbBSXoUXpyUF4c8Em22

Acropora Project live demo

The content of this webpage is stored and recovered from the Waves blockchain in realtime using some of the features which are currently developed by Oceanlab for the Acropora project.

The process used here is data serialization which is integrated in Acropora and doesn't need to use the token as an index.



This serverless storage system allows for a totally decentralized data and Internet. All the Acropora processes can be applied to any existing or future blockchains, easy to use data transfers between blockchains will also be available to anyone through opensource scripts and applications.

Oceanlab is proud to be actively developing the next leading tools for a broader blockchain technology adoption and usage.

The Oceanlab logo is also stored on the blockchain, cost of the storage: 0.128 Waves, storage is permanent, serverless, decentralized and free to use indefinitely for anyone by using the base transaction 28pdhu5tALWBbdqJDyQZ59nL4AZDVPKAbADuZKUpodeW and the 100% opensource Acropora scripts which will soon be freely available to store data and use blockchain stored data in any webpage or application(JS, Python, ...)